Sex tips from guys: Their all-time favorite mattress moves, revealed.

Get him riled up!

“I can’t be the only guy who loves it when a woman licks the soft patch of skin in front of my ear.” -Jamie, 24

“When I lean in to kiss you, hold the back of my head gently in your hand. It’s tender, yet sexy.” -Donny 28

“Wet your lips and moan that you can’t wait to taste me” -Sam, 22

“Seeing a woman’s lips glide over the neck of a beer bottle always makes me think of her mouth on me.” -Ty, 21

“Whenever you’re in the mood, guide my fingers between your legs and let me feel your wetness. A guys brain is programmed to respond to that every time.” -Stanley, 26 Continue reading


11 Things Guys Don’t Understand About Women

Men always say they don’t “get” the female sex, but what specifically—besides our going to the restroom in groups—don’t they comprehend? Glamour found out. Continue reading

what does IMing have to do with relationship satisfaction?

Apparently, more than I thought! I found and interesting article on MSNBC and thought I would share it with you…

“The words that flow from our fingers to loved ones could say more than we think. The more frequently women use the pronoun “I” in their instant messages (IM), the more satisfied they are with their partners, a new study finds.

The guys also reported higher satisfaction incouples where the gal used “I” a lot in IMs.

While past psychological studies have analyzed couples and their communication techniques in lab settings, the new study, published last month in the journal Personal Relationships, relied on real-life scenarios. Continue reading

question time.

ok i know that for any of you people reading my blog, you are doing so for a reason. the topic of sex is everywhere and very much a interesting topic for all around the world. however, along with it, the topic of sex can also have a taboo to it. some people are afraid of even saying the word sex. say it. outloud, right now. sex.  SEX! now was that so bad? ok if there are people around you, you probably recieved some awkward glances, but you did die did you? did you get hurt in any way shape or form. no. there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the topic of sex. Continue reading

Fun Fact #2

In Hong Kong, adulterous husbands get more than a steep monthly alimony payment – a betrayed wife is legally allowed to kill her husband if he cheats on her – but she may only do so with her bare hands.

Can you really break a penis?

If you saw Thursday nights episode of Grey’s Anatomy, then you watched as McSteamy seemed to have broken his penis while engaging in some playtime with the younger Grey sister [tisk, tisk]. I am sure a few of you women, and I am sure some very frightened men thought to themselves “What?! Can you really break a penis?” You sure can! Continue reading

During sex…

Are you curious to see what goes on inside of the vagina during sex? This is a super interesting video to watch that shows a couple engaging in sexual intercourse while having cameras attached to the penis, nipples, and one even inside the vagina. It is very informational and incredibly interesting! I found the video at Show Me Your Secrets, and felt the need to share it with my followers and the rest of the curious world. 

I warn you, this is a very graphic video. Watch at your own discretion. 
enjoy! xoxo kaity
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