question time.

ok i know that for any of you people reading my blog, you are doing so for a reason. the topic of sex is everywhere and very much a interesting topic for all around the world. however, along with it, the topic of sex can also have a taboo to it. some people are afraid of even saying the word sex. say it. outloud, right now. sex.  SEX! now was that so bad? ok if there are people around you, you probably recieved some awkward glances, but you did die did you? did you get hurt in any way shape or form. no. there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the topic of sex.

and like i say often “there are NO stupid questions about sex!”. i know you all have them, and most of you are probably afraid to ask them. what are you worried about?  what is that fear that you have within yourself, that is keeping you from asking your question{s}? whatever it is, is not going to harm or hurt you so forget about it! 

what i would like is everyone to think about a real question {or questions} that you have about sex and/or anything related to it whatsoever, and leave it in a comment below. if you would like to remain anonymous, just dont put your website and no one will know who you are! you can also feel free to just email me if that would make you more comfortable. i am going to try to answer every question i recieve to the best of my knowledge and research.

anyways, please don’t just read this and continue on by. think hard or just type in the first thing that comes to mind! multiple questions are very much welcome and encouraged – the more, the merrier!

broad topic suggestions {but not limited to}:

  • the physucal basics 
  • sexual communication
  • before, during, and after sex
  • contraception & pregnancy
  • std’s
  • LGBT
  • sexual dysfunction
  • atypical behavior

can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! now get to work =)

xoxo kaity


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