11 Things Guys Don’t Understand About Women

Men always say they don’t “get” the female sex, but what specifically—besides our going to the restroom in groups—don’t they comprehend? Glamour found out. Continue reading


question time.

ok i know that for any of you people reading my blog, you are doing so for a reason. the topic of sex is everywhere and very much a interesting topic for all around the world. however, along with it, the topic of sex can also have a taboo to it. some people are afraid of even saying the word sex. say it. outloud, right now. sex.  SEX! now was that so bad? ok if there are people around you, you probably recieved some awkward glances, but you did die did you? did you get hurt in any way shape or form. no. there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the topic of sex. Continue reading

Can you really break a penis?

If you saw Thursday nights episode of Grey’s Anatomy, then you watched as McSteamy seemed to have broken his penis while engaging in some playtime with the younger Grey sister [tisk, tisk]. I am sure a few of you women, and I am sure some very frightened men thought to themselves “What?! Can you really break a penis?” You sure can! Continue reading

Why do guys like watching porn so much?

To paraphrase a response to this question that I have received by a male friend, “How can anyone not like porn? It’s Awesome!”. Porn has become almost completely mainstream these days, and young men in particular seem to appreciate this shift in social perception. Watching attractive people have sex can be highly arousing for both men and women. In fact, porn is often used during sexual therapy treatment to increase sexual arousal in individuals with low response levels. Men are VERY visually oriented and certainly for many, the next best thing to actually having sex is watching someone else do the deed. Of course, an interesting fact of erotica is the very brief amount of time actually spent watching the material! – probably about five minutes in most cases…


Is sex addiction a real thing or is that just a bunch of people who really, really like sex?

Michael Douglas….Charlie Sheen….Billy Bob Thorton…..David Duchovny…

The list is long of celebrities in the media who are said to be sex addicts. It always raises eyebrows and leads to many questions- “What is sex addiction?,” “Is sex addiction even for real?,” etc., etc.
The answer is yes. Do you or someone you know think about sex all the time, gets as much sex as he/she can, watches a lot of porn, masturbates on a daily basis? Sounds like a regular all-American guy, doesn’t it? So, how is a sex addict defined? Although most “normal” horny male guys share many of the same attributes as an addict, there are some important differences. 
As many as 16 million man and women are sex addicts. They share the same list of behaviors:
  • compulsive masturbation
  • use of pornography
  • chronic sexual affairs
  • exhibitionism
  • soliciting prostitution
  • anonymous sex 
  • voyeurism
Whats worse is the list of potential losses and damages as a result from an individuals sex addiction:
  • loss of partner or spouse
  • loss of career
  • unwanted pregnancies/abortions
  • suicidal thoughts
  • exposure to HIV/AID’s and other STD’s
  • even bankruptcy
Sexual addiction shares many of the same compulsive elements as other addictions such as drugs, alcohol, and gambling and can be every bit as destructive. As with any other addiction, treatment involves therapy, a great support system, and can possibly take a lifetime commitment to be successful.
If you or someone you know has a sexual addiction and you want some more information on it, visit the website Sex Help created by noted psycologist and author, Dr. Patrick Carnes. 

If someone goes down on me, do I have to return the favor?

Ah, the etiquette of oral sex. Lets be honest: despite the expression “Its better to give than recieve,” most people prefer recieving to giving anyday! So, apart from the not-so-silent minority slurping themselves to heaven, most partners are faced with the postreception of fellatio or cunnilingus dilemma. Do I return the favor? In my opinion, if you are asking someone to do something to you, and you aren’t willing to return the favor, is that really fair? The answer to this question should be obvious, so take a deep breath, close your eyes, and get down there! However, if someone if offering to going down on you all on their own, they shouldn’t expect it in return if you arent comfortable. 

What exactly is a sex coach?

Ah, I get this question a lot. And I mean A LOT! Then, of course, it is usually followed by a question like “So, do you watch people have sex and tell them what to do?”. NO, that is certainly not what a sex coach is or does. We dont have sex with our clients either.

A sex coach works with men, women, and couples. It is not like therapy. The people you work with are considered clients, not patients. As a sex coach, you are not there to tell them what they should or shouldn’t be doing and giving them all the answers. 99% of the time, they already have the answers within themselves and, as a sex coach, you are guiding them and empowering them to discover what those answers are. 
Sex coaching is mainly for individuals or couples who are striving to overcome sexual challenges, difficulies, and problems in order to reach their full sexual potential. A sex coach uses a solid, independent, results-focused approach designed to help clients resolve their particular sexual concerns at their particular stage of life.
If you have any questions about sex coaching and what it is about – please feel free to ask! 
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